Values & Vision

Values & Vision


Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They are what power our business: they are an integral part of our corporate culture and distinguish us from our competitors.

Who are we?

Essentially, we’re ‘friendly experts’ - We are warm, friendly and approachable, with a view to creating and developing strong relationships with clients and candidates. 

What are our values?

These are the beliefs that we hold dear and would stick to no matter what – our principles.

  • INTEGRITY - Integrity is a vital value in our industry. We are clear, upfront and honest.
  • KNOWLEDGE - Confident and professional. It’s not just talking, it’s also listening.
  • TEAMWORK - Teamwork is very important to HRC. This is about our ability to bring people together and make exciting things happen. It’s pro-active and dynamic and allows us to use HRC effectively to provide the best service.
  • COMMITMENT - Nothing is too much trouble. Our customers are the most important things in our profession. We think of everything and identify and solve any problems before they even arise.
  • EXCELLENCE - Being pro-active and providing best in class advice and guidance. Inspirational and trustworthy.