Businesses Make Glasgow?

Businesses Make Glasgow?

27 April 2017

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Here at HR Consultancy, we’ve been based in Glasgow city centre since our founding director, Hilary Roberts, established the business in 1995. Since then, there has been a lot of change to our thriving streets. Glasgow has long been a city of business and trading; a fact that has become even more prevalent in recent years.

Why? Quite simply because of the number of multi-national companies choosing to set up home in Scotland. Former tenements and townhouses now house modern office space; what was once a cinema or a department store is now home to a business.

In recent years, Glasgow has spent millions of pounds renovating space in the city centre. Gone are dated and gloomy exteriors. We’ve reached skywards (quite literally) and built towering office blocks, shimmering in steel and glass. We’re providing new homes for companies such as Morgan Stanley, Scottish Power and DWF.

We’ve proved that we can rival bigger cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and London when it comes to slick, modern office blocks with access to city centre facilities such as shops, gym complexes and (dare I say it) pubs. So that, if you choose to go out of the office, you can, within walking distance, take a client to a top class restaurant or a trendy, urbanite café for a meeting.

All this investment and development proves that Glasgow is taking itself seriously in the business world and wants to establish itself as a real, plausible hub for company expansion. We’re a viable attraction for big business because, to start with, rent is cheaper here than it is in the bigger English cities.

Think about this: A mid-size office of 3,500 feet will set you back an eye-watering £232,980 in Canary Wharf. The same size of office in Wellington Street in Glasgow city centre will cost approximately £71,262 per year. That is a gargantuan difference straight away to your business bottom line. For most decision makers, this type of difference in cost would be a no-brainer.

For existing businesses in Glasgow, these new office blocks can mean two things: Either, more competition within their specific market or more firms to do business with. Whatever the particular case may be, it’s certainly an exciting time within the city. New buildings and conversions are bringing with them new faces on a more regular basis. They are also bringing more work for our architectural, construction and interior design industries.

Further to these exciting new office spaces, plans have been submitted for the former BHS retail site, with a new £75 million development promising 130,000 square feet of Grade A ‘boutique’ office space. This will provide a business with space that is right in the heart of our city centre, on Sauchiehall Street.

Modern and environmentally sustainable offices are at the heart of the Glasgow business community going forward. As a city, we want to attract and retain top talent so that our local economy is as buoyant as any other large UK city.

Has your company expanded in to new office space? Has this altered your staffing requirements? I would love to hear your plans about operating within Glasgow. Click here to see my details.




Written By Barry Lee


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