Attracting School Leavers and Graduates

Attracting School Leavers and Graduates

22 May 2017

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It’s that time of year again, where many young people will be sitting their final exams and moving on from school life. For many of them, this will be an important cross roads in their life; a time before their career has even remotely begun to take shape. Some young people may not even be certain about what they would like to do for their rest of their lives. It can be both exciting and daunting.

For many employers, it can be a great time to snap up apprentices and school leavers, eager to learn and develop a skills set that could set them up for life. This ties in neatly with the Scottish government’s investment in STEM education from primary school age onwards.

Having realised the value that the Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors bring to our national exports, the government are now encouraging pupils (of all genders, races and backgrounds) to develop their skills and enter these particular industries.

After all, these are sectors which are constantly updating themselves owing to new technological developments. Who better to take these fields forward than the young people who have grown up using apps, gaming and creating a personal online brand?

Research suggests that 65% of children currently at pre-school stage will work in jobs or careers that don’t yet exist, as Manufacturing and Engineering industries continue to develop new technologies; new ways of doing things.

Moreover, college and university graduates who have followed their passion for STEM through to higher education will also be seeking to find employment after their final exams next month.  

Modern Apprenticeships are also an option for employers who are seeking to attract new talent. There are a number of options available to businesses when it comes to taking on an apprentice. The programmes are designed to meet the needs of your industry, and help you grow. Because apprentices learn through experience, they develop and refine their new skills to suit your business and your customers.

There is already huge demand for STEM skills, knowledge and capability in Scotland’s economy today, with occupations relying on STEM ranging from engineering and medicine to design and tourism. The government program also aims to work with colleges to bring the number of full-time college places in STEM subjects in line with regional employment needs.

With Scottish manufacturing and engineering exports in the billions, the increased prevalence of STEM right from the very early stages of schooling can only be a good thing. Especially if Scottish firms are looking to compete on a global scale in terms of technological advances.

Growing the Scottish workforce – by bringing through school leavers who have been educated in STEM – can surely only lead to an increase in GDP. By attracting young adults into these specific industries, developing their skills set and encouraging personal development, the Scottish Manufacturing and Engineering industries stand a real chance of becoming major players on the international markets.

It is important that Scotland’s industries are protected, maintained and developed. One way of doing this is by attracting eager new talent, such as those young adults about to bring their time in education to an end.

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Written By Michelle McLaughlin


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