5 Attitudes To Have In Office Services

5 Attitudes To Have In Office Services

9 June 2017

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Whether you’re looking to get ahead in your current career, or simply looking for something new, attitude and personality can make you or break you. Many businesses are now looking beyond a candidate’s skills set to see whether or not who they are and not what they have to offer will add value to the business.

This is especially prevalent in client facing roles such as receptionists, personal assistants and office managers. Being technically proficient is only a small element of a role that will require someone who is outgoing, personable and approachable.

Having a positive attitude seeps in to every aspect of your job – You end up smiling more, chatting, relaxing and having much improved body language.

Here are the types of attitudes that will take you far in an Office Services career.


We’ve all had terrible commutes, been caught in lashing rain or experienced a domestic dispute on our way to work. However, it needs to be parked at the door. Bringing a bad mood in to work is not a good idea. It affects how you approach your workload, your colleagues and your clients. No one needs to be on the receiving end of a grumpy face. Instead, tell yourself three good things about the day ahead and focus on remaining positive, wearing a big smile.


It goes without saying that if work starts at 9am, you can’t be strolling in the door at ten minutes past. A good Office Services employee will always arrive 15 minutes early, whether it be for work or a meeting. It shows that you care enough to be there not only on time, but ahead of schedule. By being consistently late, you not only run the risk of disciplinary action but you also show yourself to be uninterested and unreliable.


The very nature of Office Services work means that organisation is key. Plan your day out using a check list or a daily workload planner and ensure that you can tick it all off. Being able to plan your day will ensure that it runs smoothly, no matter what crops up last minute. It will also give you a good idea of where you need to be and when, in the case of meetings, so you can plan your workload around them. Not wasting any time or effort is essential during a busy day.


Make every effort to be accommodating and pleasant to work with. This ties in with having enthusiasm for your job. If you spend your day being negative to your colleagues, this can have a domino effect, which is not great for the business as a whole. Make sure that you are willing to come in early, stay late or swap lunchtimes for the sake of another colleague, if needs be. It will get you noticed.


Personal excellence is something that you should strive for in every aspect of your life, and definitely within a professional environment. This means turning up on time, dressing appropriately and committing to working to the highest possible standard. Again, this will prove how much value you add to the business. Do not be content with doing a good job – aim to do a great one!

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Written By Jackie MacGregor


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