New Whisky Distilleries Across Scotland

New Whisky Distilleries Across Scotland

4 July 2017

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Not so long ago, there was talk of an international whisky crisis. There was to be widespread shortages of 18 and 12 year old malts, leading to fears of a catastrophic downturn within the industry. Whilst certain brand did struggle a little to keep up with the ever-growing demand for these aged malts, no ‘crisis’ as such ever really came to fruition.

In fact, Scottish whisky seems to be going from strength to strength in 2017. Increasing enthusiasm from Asian markets has given many distillery projects the green light. The future, for these proposed new sites across Scotland, seems bright. Since 2013, Scotland has actually welcomed an impressive fourteen new distilleries across the country. These sites, in turn, bring with them whisky tourists, making their way round guided visits of the distillery and the surrounding area.

The popularity of whisky cocktails (in bars or in cans) with Millennials has certainly helped keep our national drink fashionable. It’s become as much a casual night out drink amongst younger people as gin or vodka. Bars are now stocking many more different brands or offering tasting events to keep up with demand. So-called ‘trendy’ brands such as Haig have utilised big names such as David Beckham to further enhance their presence in the Asian market. Worldwide demand is certainly on the increase.

As the UK seeks to negotiate new trade deals in the international markets in the wake of Brexit, now is as good a time as any to bolster the dominance of Scotch whisky as an instantly recognisable, desirable product. Therefore, it’s a truly exciting time to be part of the whisky market – whether your business is centuries old or a brand new start up. The ‘brand’ of Scotch whisky is still one that resonates as being a first choice; the most authentic; the premium.

This year will also see the first distillery to open in the Borders for 180 years, the first distillery on the Clydeside for almost a century, the first (legal) distillery on the Isle of Raasay and – in an amazing ‘first’ for the industry – a distillery launched solely by a woman.

Although this whisky won’t be immediately available, naturally, the very thought of all these new brands should be enough to whet the appetite of whisky enthusiasts across the globe. It’s an exciting way to build upon our national heritage for producing some of the best whiskies available.

The buzz surrounding the market, and the proposed seven new distilleries opening in 2017, will no doubt create many new jobs – from the technical, brewing side to marketing and packaging. As recruiters, we recognise the important of securing the very brightest and best talent to make expansion possible and profitable.

Me and my team have several years’ experience recruiting within the whisky industry across Scotland. If you would like to speak to us about sourcing great talent for your business, we would be delighted to help you with your recruitment needs. Click here to see our details and get in touch.



Written By Michelle McLaughlin


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