Funny Office Signs

Funny Office Signs

7 July 2017

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Maybe your office is covered in so-called inspirational posters or ‘helpful’ signs reminding you to wash your hands or push the door. Office décor can be a bit cheesy, to say the least. The idea that these signs are designed to help us close a deal or remember not to scald ourselves on the hot tap can leave you feeling like you’re back at school.

So, what if employees were allowed to decorate their office in signs that conveyed how they really feel? We take a look at some of the funniest office posters that you can actually buy online.

Will you be getting some for your workplace? 

For messy co-workers

For bad days

For boring days 

For difficult co-workers

For when you can't be bothered

For having a skive

Happy Friday! 





Written By Mary Palmer


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