Be Honest About Your Company Culture

Be Honest About Your Company Culture

13 July 2017

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On our blog, we’ve often spoken about company culture: What it is, how to assess yours and how to hire accordingly. It’s something that can have a massive impact on the recruitment process for both client and candidate alike. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that a company is honest about their culture when looking to bring fresh talent in to the business.

Whilst it’s a good idea to show off the very best version of the company – as most do when looking to attract new candidates - it’s just as important to be realistic about workload and atmosphere. The candidate deserves to know what they’re signing up for. Too often I have seen candidates terminate their employment because what they were sold and what they got were far too different to overlook.

When it comes to finding the right candidate in terms of culture fit, it’s useful to consider the team that they will be working within. Of course, your hiring managers, recruiters and HR team will ultimately be responsible for the interview process but I have had several instances of firms bringing in potential candidates to meet the team they will be working with.

It’s a two way process: Candidates can get a first-hand experience of whether or not the firm meets their needs and, similarly, your existing team will perhaps be able to gauge if someone is going to blend in well. For many people, even if they are facing a challenging time at work, it’s the team surrounding them that makes the difference in terms of support and positivity. That’s why a good culture fit is so important.

Here are several useful questions to ask when considering company culture: How would your current employees describe their workplace to their friends? Is it an open plan firm where there is no separation between the partners and the trainees? Is it a buoyant and productive atmosphere or do you prefer things to be a little quieter? Are you formal with your staff or are communications more relaxed? Do your employees feel their contribution is valued?

Certainly, that is a lot to consider but all of these things are equally important. Similarly, don’t promise a candidate unlimited flexitime and a casual dress code if that is simply not the case. That would only make your hiring process look dishonest and a candidate is likely to reconsider their position fairly quickly.

Candidates want to feel like that have been wooed in to a job in the first place. But what’s the point in that if all the promises disappear on the first day? Obviously, a working relationship – or any personal relationship, for that matter – isn’t all hearts and flowers all the time, but there has to be something about your company that will make people want to stay.

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Written By Sam Gardner


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