What Makes A Good Audit Assistant?

What Makes A Good Audit Assistant?

17 July 2017

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Becoming an excellent audit assistant is a result of years of hard work and dedication. It’s not a role where mistakes can be tolerated, therefore it requires a certain type of candidate to successfully make a career out of it. Dedication, attention to detail and enthusiasm are career essentials. It’s the type of role that requires a talented individual with a laser sharp focus.

Certainly, there can be challenges and stresses, but more often than not, auditing is an incredibly rewarding role that offers a variety of duties and responsibilities. 

I often help candidates find their ideal position, marrying them up with a business that is a good culture-fit and in need of their expertise. Here are just some of the qualities it takes to be an excellent audit assistant.

Problem Solving

An auditor’s role requires precise, rational thinking as well as accurate reporting skills and analysis. The integrity of the audit process is at risk when any of these elements are lacking. A good auditor will have a strong business acumen and sound judgement. This is particularly important when deciding on the course of action a business should take once an audit has been delivered.


As an auditor, multi-tasking will be an everyday occurrence as you report to different departments whilst adhering to staunch deadlines. You should be able to handle your workload successfully, so that no projects are ever delayed or missed owing to poor diary management. You should develop a clear structure as to when audits need to be completed by, and the amount of work involved as no two cases will be the same.


Certainly, the facts will speak for themselves on paper, but a good auditor will be able to effectively communicate the results of their audit so that a business can act upon your findings. You should be able to relay information to employees at all levels of a business, if necessary. Being able to do so will make you stand out from other auditors.


Technology is pervading almost every industry. Auditing is no different. Keep your skills set up to date by learning about and utilising new technologies and audit techniques that will allow you to solve problems quicker and perform a more efficient and accurate audit. The varied nature of the role – as audit different businesses – will most likely allow you to combine traditional methods with contemporary ones.

Eye for Detail

Being able to spot a small problem before it becomes a far bigger issue is absolutely essential as an auditor. Keeping up to date with industry trends and developments will also make you stand out, as you will be able to relay the most relevant information. Getting to know a business and understanding what makes it successful will also help you provide an excellent service.

I have many auditing roles available for enthusiastic and professional individuals looking to take the next step in their career. You can get in touch by calling 0141 212 7785.





Written By Jenna Laws


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