Being Honest About The Job

Being Honest About The Job

27 July 2017

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Within the financial services and banking industry, it can be a tough job trying to recruit the very brightest and best talent for your company. Competition is fierce, and lots of start up companies are snapping up STEM graduates, particularly in the Fintech industry. 

There has been a lot of material published online and in print about the best way in which to attract and retain talent. Much of this literature has spoken about the need to convey a great employer brand to potential candidates. For example, what is your reputation as an employer? What is your value proposition to employees? What kind of culture have you cultivated throughout your offices? 

However, there can be a tendency within some companies to oversell what they can offer a candidate. “No, you’ll never have to work late!” or “We all have a great laugh together” or “There are targets, but no pressure” are common phrases used by hiring managers to make a position sound more lucrative. Whilst it isn’t exactly fudging the truth, it can leave some candidates feel cheated once they get in the door. 

If they find that everything they were promised doesn’t materialise, they can feel disappointed or (in the worst case scenario) like they were blatantly lied to. That’s why it is so important to be honest from the outset. When you are speaking with your hiring manager or your recruiter, tell them exactly what a job involves: the good, the bad and the ugly. 

The reality is that the vast majority of candidates don’t really care about your employer brand. They want to know what a bad day looks like. Why not be up front and tell them? 

Candidates know that, within an interview situation, any company is going to present their very best selves (as it were) to encourage that candidates to take them up on an offer. But wouldn’t a candidate respect you more for telling the truth rather than feeling like they’ve been shortchanged once they start? By saying “There will be some days where it feels more pressurised than others, and there will probably be some late nights to meet target,” you adjust the candidate’s expectations to something more grounded in reality. 

Essentially, don’t sell someone sunshine and stars if you know that won’t be the case. Otherwise, you’ll simply have to start the recruitment process all over again. And it could potentially do damage to your company’s reputation if someone leaves and tells their network that what they were promised and what they got were two very different things. 

Our highly experienced recruiters are able to guide your through creating a hiring process that is open and honest for your candidates. We also pride ourselves in getting to know your business thoroughly so that we can put forward the right candidate for the job. We get to understand how you like to work and what type of candidate would thrive in your business. 

If you would like to speak to me about recruiting for the financial services and banking industry, me and my team would love to help. Click here to see my details and get in touch. 


Written By Shona Preston


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