Funny Office Pranks

Funny Office Pranks

18 August 2017

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It doesn’t have to be April Fools to try and bring a little bit of mischief into the office. There’s usually at least one person who loves a practical joke no matter what time of year it is. Whether it be encasing your stapler in jelly – a la The Office ­– or simply hiding things that you need, the office prankster thinks their little tricks are absolutely hilarious, even more so if they can gather an audience.

So, whilst the thought of getting to your desk some days may give you the fear, at least you’re not coming in to find this …

This rather alarming way to take your seat

A super shiny desk wrapped tighter than a roast dinner

Hold all my calls …

For the Grinch in the office

If you’re keen to make a point about cleanliness

One for your rather forgetful colleagues

When you’re told you’ve been suspended …

Happy Friday! 




Written By Mary Palmer


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