Entry Level Roles in Accountancy & Finance

Entry Level Roles in Accountancy & Finance

21 August 2017

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In an industry that is typically dominated by experience and recommendations, I am thrilled to note that, of late, many roles that have been made available in the Accountancy market have been entry level roles, including graduates and school leavers. It marks a notable shift in the attitude of hiring managers, who traditionally prefer new starts who come equipped with knowledge and experience.

Now, I find myself liaising with companies who are recruiting for attitude and ambition, not what it says on your CV. This is a really exciting change of heart that will give many dedicated and passionate young people a chance to take the first steps in their career.

However, recruiting for entry level roles can take a little longer. Since the candidates have limited CVs, I spend a lot of my time getting to know them and their goals in order to create a perfect match with what the hiring company has in mind. In this case, companies must clearly envision what they definitely do and don’t want in terms of personality and attitude, since the experience isn’t necessarily there.

It will also affect the interview process, since a hiring manager will have to replace “Tell me about a time when you …” questions with “What would you do in this situation?” in order to accommodate the lack of hands-on experience these candidates have.

What companies will need to consider, however, when looking to hire a graduate or school leaver is the level of support and ongoing training that will be required. Initially, entry level candidates can require regular catch ups until their confidence is increased. Training and a clear path for learning and development will have to be created and funded. As the candidates grow in to their role, you can decide when their responsibilities and skills set should grow with them.

On that note, it is important that, when you take on a new start that their career goals match what you have to offer. Often, graduates and school leavers will leave a role that overpromised and under-delivered in terms of personal development, training and courses. So, it’s important that you have the facilities and funding to deliver on any long term goals you want to help a candidate achieve.

Most importantly, there is so much a company can gain from employing graduates and school leavers. You can upskill these candidates to be flexible enough to work across your business as a whole (meaning if their career goals change, you don’t have to lose the candidate). You will also find yourself with a dedicated candidate, appreciative of the opportunity and ready to take their career seriously.

They will come to your company fresh and free of any bad habits more experienced candidates may have accrued along the way. Candidates will typically be keen to learn as much as possible, gain a good oversight of the business and develop their levels of responsibility. It’s a win-win situation.

If you would like to speak to me about recruiting for entry level roles within the Accountancy market, I would love to talk you through the process of attracting eager candidates with a good attitude. Click here to see my details.





Written By Eilidh Black


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