Compliance and Regulations Post-Brexit

Compliance and Regulations Post-Brexit

21 August 2017

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As a well-established recruiter within the niche market of Financial Service Compliance and Regulations, I have been paying close attention to developments with regards to Brexit and other on-going pressing issues. The political saga, which will eventually culminate in our severance from the European Union and the creation of new British laws, is undoubtedly going to impact on the banking industry (and associated markets) here in Scotland.

I, for one, am ready to meet this challenge head on as I am equipped with detailed market knowledge and an array of readily available candidates who will allow companies to see off any potential disruptions. I recruit across Glasgow and Edinburgh, where a number of financial institutions may find themselves in sudden need of highly skilled contract workers to counter any implications of the creation of new UK regulations.

Brexit will also impact upon the way the banking industry deals with the upcoming GDPR regulations. Currently, these are European rules but when we sever our ties with our continental neighbours, we may have to re-assess these laws and how they fit into the British statute. This could have huge implications as to how industry giants store and utilise data.

Indeed, candidates in the Compliance and Regulations market have the opportunity to “steady the ship” as continuing Brexit negotiations make waves in the Financial Services industry. There has already been years of upheaval, owing to the increasing threat of cybercrime and large-scale hacking so being as prepared as possible will be key.

It is an extremely interesting time in the market for us financial service recruiters. With this in mind I believe in preparing for any uncertainties as early as possible, so that I am totally equipped to react to events as they unfold. For me, that’s the very key to being a successful recruiter in the Compliance and Regulations market; to anticipate need and respond to it accurately.

Speaking with business leaders, they are keen to ensure that their market doesn’t suffer too much upset or risk in the wake of Brexit. I am here to help them place the right people in the right jobs in order to counter any potential complications. I am taking the challenge seriously and helping businesses recruit without uncertainty.

Regulation change is going to happen – there is no avoiding it. It’s all about how we (as individuals, as businesses and as recruitment agencies) respond. If there was ever a time to fully utilise experts within the industry – both candidates and recruiters – this would be it.

I have spent seven years in retail lending banking and a further six years within the recruitment industry, making me perfectly positioned to help source great talent and place candidates. I have an extensive network of candidates for permanent, temporary and contract roles in specialisms such as operations, compliance and operational risk (KYC/AML, Sanctions, Fraud). 

If you would like to get in touch with me to discuss your recruitment needs – at present or in the future – I would be delighted to have a confidential chat with you about how I can help to bolster your business. Click here to see my details and get in touch.




Written By Neil Greene


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