Reflecting On My Accountancy & Finance Internship

Reflecting On My Accountancy & Finance Internship

22 August 2017

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As my internship within the Accountancy and Finance team at HR Consultancy comes to an end, I reasoned that there was no better time to reflect on my experiences here before I return to university to embark on my fourth year. I have, like many of the other summer interns here, learned a remarkable amount during my time here – not only about the job and the markets but about myself.

I have had the chance to experience client and candidate meetings and networking events and really get some detailed insight as to everything you have to achieve in order to secure a role within such a competitive market. As such, what I have learned about the jobs market has made me rethink where my own career may be headed.

The Accountancy and Finance market is currently subject to a lot of change and disruption. Although it still may be viewed as one of the more ‘traditional’ industries, there is a lot of digitalisation and technology making its way to even the smallest of firms. Tax returns are becoming digital; data is now being stored in the Cloud. Who knows what else will have impacted on the jobs market by the time I complete my degree next year?

My options are very much open. I am unsure whether to chase the security of a ‘big brand’ firm or throw myself at the hands-on experience offered by smaller firms. I had always thought, however, that once I had finished university, I would like to enter the bold and challenging world of Investment Advisory Services. I believed that my interpersonal skills and firm grip of the market would allow me to flourish in such a role.

However, having spoken with my colleagues and clients – and put in some of my own research – I fear that this is a job that will soon be replaced by an app or online service. Indeed, new search suggests that several areas of the Accountancy market will soon lose their ‘face-to-face’ element as our increasing reliance on smartphones and need for quick, easy transactions replace the traditional image of the suited and booted accountant offering advice.

For me, it’s a case of preference. If I was in the position of making a big financial decision – whatever that may be – I still believe that that would require the ‘personal touch’. I would much rather have a person talk me through all my options, showing me all the possible outcomes and risks, than a machine or website who will simply deliver me a minefield of numbers.

Having said that, Accountancy, like any industry, will have to adjust and adapt in order to move with the times. It could provide a lot of exciting new challenges for those already in the industry and those of us hoping to make our mark on it.

I would like to thank all my colleagues here at HR Consultancy for an entirely productive and insightful internship. If you would like to get in touch with the Accountancy and Finance team to discuss your recruitment needs, click here to speak to one of the team.


Written By Jenna Laws


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