Part Time Roles in HR

Part Time Roles in HR

22 August 2017

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As a company, we recently published the results of our Flexible Working Survey on our blog. Overwhelmingly, our candidates were in favour of being able to construct a working pattern that fitted their needs; be it working from home or maintaining a senior role on a part time basis.

Increasingly, within the HR market, our clients have reassured potential candidates that flexible working is something that they do offer. However, this usually tends to mean working from home or remote working. It doesn’t necessarily enable candidates – particularly working parents – to secure work on a part-time basis. This is a particular problem within the more senior end of the market.

Female HR candidates returning from maternity leave often struggle to find roles that accommodate both their experience and their personal needs. Through maternity leave – or by taking on non-HR part-time roles in order to remain in work – candidates are losing experience and struggling to re-enter the market.

Working parents often find themselves in the position of having to take on poorly paid or low skilled roles so that they still have a source of income whilst they seek out viable part-time work in their field of expertise. Or, worse than that, they feel like they must choose between children and staying within the market.

Many HR departments still operate on the basis that their employees work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. Employing someone part-time might require additional support and most companies are unwilling to do this when there are full-time candidates readily available. This ultimately means that the HR market is losing out on great candidates who would really add value to their business.

Candidates with a more niche skills set – such as those who specialise in areas like Compensation & Benefits – may find a little easier to make their way back in to the market as these roles are more likely to be in demand. However, many candidates struggle for years to find a role at the appropriate level. Often, highly skilled HR managers are forced to take more junior roles in order to remain within the market.

That is why, for me, it is so refreshing here at HR Consultancy where many of our female Associate Directors and Principal Consultants are able to work on a part-time basis to accommodate childcare needs, without sacrificing their position. We have demonstrated to our teams and to our clients that it is perfectly possible to hold down a senior role on part-time hours.

Companies will miss out on a host of talented individuals if they are unable to think innovatively when it comes to recruiting HR candidates. The HR market is very much a people-centric business. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to have the right candidate in place, whether they are able to commit to full-time hours or not.

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Written By Evelyn Costello


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