Selling Your Personal Brand

Selling Your Personal Brand

30 August 2017

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If you were to think of ‘branding’, you would quite possibly think of marketing campaigns and advertising undertaking by companies in order to be viewed in a specific way or as having certain values. However, having a personal brand, is equally important in the current jobs market. Create a bit of buzz about yourself as a person or be seen as a ‘must have’ for a business and you’ll soon find yourself in as high demand as the latest tech or fashion.

If you are new to the Office Services market – or, conversely, have been in the same role for a long time – you may well be uncertain as to how to create a personal brand and, more importantly, how to market it to potential employers and recruiters.

Fear not, because I have plenty of advice to offer candidates about creating a positive personal brand and how to deliver that message to employers even before you’ve been invited to an interview. Read on for my top tips when it comes to creating a personal brand that stands out from the competition.

Decide on your message

How do you want potential employers to think of you? What do you have to offer that makes you different? What are your values when it comes to approaching work? These might seem like daunting questions, but it is absolutely critical that you are able to answer them. Perhaps you are up-to-date with advanced Microsoft Office programming or maybe you are great at implementing organisational processes that save a firm valuable time. If you’ve proven yourself to be a trustworthy employee, learn how to talk about it. Whatever your key skills, values and strengths are, you have to learn to market them well.

Create a presence

This is something you can do in person and online. Start by creating or updating your LinkedIn profile (read our blog about how to get yours noticed). You can network online by joining in discussion, sharing articles or even writing your own blog posts. Join in with market relevant webinars to get your name out there. You can also network in person by attending events or reaching out to potential mentors or recruiters for industry advice and guidance.

Tailor your information

Not everything that you have to write or say about yourself will be relevant for every potential employer. Learn to deliver the most important elements of your skills and values – as you would with a CV – when conveying your personal brand to an interviewer or when reaching out to valuable connections. If you are sending someone an email in order to make a new connection, sell yourself in one paragraph or less in order to really grab their attention.


It’s so important to be a visible presence in your market, as well as creating a great profile online. If you are able to get along to networking events, you should bite the bullet and do so. It can seem nerve wracking to be in a room full of strangers, but you’ll more than likely have some common ground to get the conversation started. Join in with discussions where you can and market the best version of yourself to whoever you meet.

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Written By Jackie MacGregor


I did think about this before, but only lightly and more as a game. It does feel like a huge potential that needs to be tapped into, so thank you!
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