Getting The Offer Right First Time

Getting The Offer Right First Time

31 August 2017

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You have hosted an interview process and chosen your preferred candidate; you’re ready to make an offer to someone who you believe is the right fit for your company. In a competitive market such as Accountancy, how do you make a compelling offer to a candidate so that they snap up the job?

It can be difficult to get the offer right first time, but it’s absolutely essential that you do. This is twofold: You will get pushback from candidates who expect more and view your offer as not competitive.

Candidates – when looking for new employment – expect more from a potential employer. They believe that if you are keen enough to have them join your business, you will make them a good offer.  

Employers can often make the wrong type of offer. They will attempt to use work perks to make up for a lack of salary or simply refuse to budge on the overall offer. The consequences of which can be that candidates stay put in their current position rather than risk a move for not much more than they are already getting.

So, how can you get the offer right first time? Read on for my advice.

Act quickly

If this truly is the employee for you, then let them know as soon as you can via your recruiter. It will demonstrate to the candidate that you see value in what they’ve had to say at the interview process and you don’t want them to get snapped up by any of your competitors.

Research the market

You might think that your salaries are at the top end of what they can be, but how do you know unless you look in to the current market rate? You may well already know what your ideal candidate was on so use this as a guide when it comes to making your offer. What do other companies offer in terms of perks and flexitime? Is this something you can offer?

Be competitive

Businesses need to the thoughtful when it comes to making a competitive offer that will make switching jobs seems lucrative. Consider offering perks to boost the offer, not instead of an appropriate wage.

Explain thoroughly

When it comes to making the offer, make sure the candidate is aware of every element of the offer at hand. This includes the wage itself, the hours, any benefits, career progression options and flexible working opportunities. Some of these aspects of a job offer may well be deal breakers.

Be flexible

If a candidate decides to push back on the offer, are you open to increasing the salary or offering a specific perk they may have hoped for? If this truly is the candidate for you, you should be open to a little bit of movement around the offer in order to ensure a commitment.

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Written By Fiona Ashcroft


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