Interview Questions for A Fintech Role

Interview Questions for A Fintech Role

12 September 2017

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The Fintech market is one that is seen as appealing by many business and finance graduates. However, if this is your first attempt at securing a job, you might be a little uncertain as to the recruitment process. Whilst we always thoroughly prepare our candidates in terms of researching the company, dress code and how to handle specific types of questions, sometimes there can be no accounting for a curveball.

For many graduates, their first ‘proper’ job interview can be incredibly daunting – they are not sure how to explain their experience to date or contextualise their learning.

Fear not, as our HR Consultancy blog is dedicated to giving candidates – at any stage in their career – vital tips and advice about any interview process they may encounter. This week, we’re going to take a look at the likely topics to come up in a Fintech interview and how to tackle them.

Read on to get invaluable insight for your next job interview.


The types of questions likely to be asked around this theme include:

  • What tech experience were your able to undertake at university?
  • Are you able to code / What languages can you programme in?

You’re not expected to able to create apps or entire systems straight out of university, so don’t feel the need to over compensate with these questions. Be honest about any experience you have had – whether this was gained within the context of education or your own personal pursuits. An interviewer is just keen to see what you’ve been capable of so far.

Recent experience

The types of questions likely to be asked include:

  • Tell us about a technical project you worked on. What was your contribution?
  • Tell us about a time you used your technical knowledge to create a practical solution to a problem.

These questions are looking for specific examples, so don’t waffle. Talk about what you did within a project – don’t refer to “we” or “us” because it will seem like you are distancing yourself from the work. Again, if the answers to these occurred outwith university, this is perfectly acceptable as long as you can give clear and concise examples.

Problem solving

You are likely to be asked a mathematical question in order to demonstrate your problem solving skills. Simply talk through (or write out) your ‘working’ – the way you would in an exam – and explain your process clearly. The interviewers simply want to see how you work through to an answer.

Commercial awareness

An interviewer may ask you about a recent news story within the Fintech market, so it would be wise to do a bit of reading before you head in. We advise all of our candidates to keep up to speed with industry relevant news stories and developments so that they can talk confidently about these within an interviewing (or even a networking) context. It conveys you are passionate about your industry.


You will probably be asked about which elements of the Fintech market appeal to you directly. All you have to do is demonstrate how passionate you are. If you even have any suggestions about apps or processes for the company you are interviewing for, explain how you’d love to add value to the company by incorporating these. This will also demonstrate your commercial awareness as to how the business currently operate.

If you would like to speak to me about a career in Fintech, I’d love to discuss the roles I currently have available. Click here to see my details and have a confidential chat.




Written By Shona Preston


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