Getting Into a HR Admin Career

Getting Into a HR Admin Career

13 September 2017

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There is no ‘set path’ to a career in Human Resources – candidates can enter the market from entirely varied backgrounds and career paths. Not everyone has pursued the traditional route of a university degree. That’s what makes recruiting within the market so interesting and diverse.

Candidates may assume they are not able to pursue a HR career because they come from an administrative background, but it is entirely possible to make the leap and get your foot on the ladder. As many of our candidates have capably demonstrated, if you are currently working in an administrative role, you would be ideally qualified to begin a career as a HR Administrator.

This type of role is an entry level position that acts as the first point of contact for HR enquiries and will often be dealing with employee documentation such as contracts or holiday forms. HR is a very ‘people centric’ industry so having a passion for engaging with others, problem solving and attention to detail in terms of paperwork are the key skills to get you started within the industry.

But, if you’re uncertain as to how to go about making the move, consider this advice:

Soft skills

Start by making a list of all the ‘soft skills’ you have that would serve you well in the HR industry. These include: Communication, responsibility, self-awareness, teamwork and problem solving. These are all skills that you will utilise on a daily basis within the HR industry – and you’re probably already doing this in your current administrative role.

Transferable skills

If you would like to become a HR Administrator, but don’t think you have the right qualifications, you would be surprised at how much of your existing skills set is relevant. Being Microsoft Office proficient, having book keeping experience or already being responsible for a small team will be enough to flesh out your CV to make it look appropriate within a HR context. We will always guide our candidates and show them how to demonstrate their existing abilities in a way that will be interesting to the HR market.


Start reaching out to HR professionals or recruiters via social media sites such as LinkedIn. Try and become involved in conversations or start posting links to HR related news. Better still, try and attend any relevant HR networking events, if you are able to. It’s always good to meet people face-to-face and have a chat to try and gain some insight into what is going on within the industry.

Use a recruiter

It might sound biased, but we really are the people in the know. We will always be aware of which companies are recruiting and where our candidates would make a good culture fit. This is particularly useful if you are new to the HR market and aren’t sure where to look for jobs, how to apply for them and how to prepare for an interview. We will always ensure our candidates are at ease and ready to impress at interview stage.

If you would like to speak to us about HR Administrator roles, we would love to help you take the next step in your career. 

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Written By Linzi Murphy; Monica Lochrie


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