How To Make A Tribunal Love You - With Burness Paull LLP

How To Make A Tribunal Love You - With Burness Paull LLP

13 September 2017

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In Edinburgh, this morning, we hosted our East Coast Employment Law seminar in association with our good friends at Burness Paull LLP.

The breakfast meeting – yes, there were plenty of rolls, teas and coffees – is a great opportunity for those in the legal an HR sector to catch up with recent developments (and impending ones) with regards to employment tribunals and other, similar issues.

Proceedings were opened by our own Andy Brady who welcomed everyone with a brief introduction of his colleagues – Linzi Murphy, Monica Lochrie and Evelyn Costello – and an outline of the morning ahead.

Morag Hutchison, a Partner at Burness Paull, then took the floor and discussed, in great detail, several examples of employment tribunals that had been settled or were ongoing.

These covered a wide range of issues and were interesting in the sense that some cases (which you thought would be unsuccessful) were settled favourably for the employee and vice versa.

Such cases included wrongful dismissal, age discrimination and disability rights. Morag dealt with each case in a thorough manner – delivering intriguing little nuggets of information that might allay initial thoughts or prejudices towards a specific tribunal.

To round off her segment, she discussed the many different laws and political issues that are bound to have an impact on the HR and legal landscape. (Yes, we mean Brexit.)

But that’s not all – issues such as the impending changes to Data Protection (GDPR) and the need for Gender Pay Gap reporting were discussed as these will have potentially huge implications for businesses up and down the country.

Following on from Morag was Jennifer Skeoch, an experienced and knowledgeable Senior Associate at Burness Paull. Her segment shared its title with our seminar – How To Make A Tribunal Love You.

Employment tribunals can be an unsettling and emotional time for both businesses and employees alike. Jennifer talked through the proceedings – and what to expect – in a calm and reassuring manner.

Most of the attendees were scribbling away in their notepad, jotting down the different types of evidence and questioning that could be present at a tribunal.

A massive thank you to our speakers and attendees for such a thoroughly informative morning - especially to Burness Paull LLP for hosting us once again and to everyone who came along yesterday morning.



Written By Andy Brady


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