Meet The Recruiter: Elaine McCrink

Meet The Recruiter: Elaine McCrink

22 September 2017

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How did you get in to recruitment?

I was duped into joining the recruitment industry.  I registered with an agency twenty years ago and asked them to find me a non-stressful, 9 to 5 job.  The next day, I joined the agency as a resourcer.  For 20 years now, I have recruited for the general insurance marketplace and I’m still waiting for a 5pm finish.   

What was your dream job as a child? 

I wanted to be a primary school teacher. I like to talk, I like people to listen to me. I like to bully - eh sorry, guide - people and I need to have all attention on me, so this would have been a perfect role for me.

How do you commute?

Usually by train.

What does a typical day look like?  

I start reading and answering emails around 6am.  When I reach the office around 8.30, I have already replied to queries, checked advert responses and looked at various job boards.  Typically, I will meet three or four candidates per day and one client for lunch or coffee. 

I will source candidates for new vacancies and discuss interview feedback with clients and candidates.  I will hopefully make job offers to successful candidates. Head hunting suitable candidates takes most of the day, discussing potential new roles with them. I leave the office around 6pm but don’t stop answering emails or calls until around 9pm.  

What’s the best part of your job? 

The best part of my job is by far finding the best candidate for the job and making the offer to them.  I have had screams of glee, crying, laughing and disbelief - every offer of employment is different but very satisfying.

What’s been your biggest success so far?  

I am extremely proud of the Ladies of Insurance lunch events which I founded seven years ago.  These lunches happen three times per year and are attended by up to 150 key professional ladies within the Scottish Insurance industry. Apart from being great networking events, they have become important dates within the industry calendar and have raised thousands of pounds for local charities.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I am a lady who lunches.  I enjoy nice restaurants and cocktails, although these lunches often last late into the evening and end with dancing somewhere.  

What is most important to you?

My family are everything.  I have an amazing husband who I met when I was just eighteen years old, a twenty four year old son who makes me proud every single day and two adorable grandsons who have stolen my heart.

Describe yourself in three words.

My friends describe me as unpredictable, but I would describe myself as being sociable, positive and mischievous.




Written By Elaine McCrink


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