Hilarious Passive Aggressive Office Notes

Hilarious Passive Aggressive Office Notes

29 September 2017

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At some point in your career, you will no doubt have fallen victim to the office sandwich thief or the persistent air con user. You may have even attempted to use a mug and found nothing but a pile of dirty ones, unwashed in the sink. At times like this, we close our eyes, rub the sides of our temples and sigh. We mutter under our breath and then … Feel the urge to write a strongly worded note.

Yes, that will solve our office niggles, a Post-It. We politely request that computers are turned off or doors are locked properly; that food is stored correctly and recycling is done. With just the right amount of sarcasm, we are satisfied that our requests will be followed.

Take a look at some of the best passive aggressive office notes the internet has to offer …

A handy note for retrieving your lunch.

Font snobbery at its best.

A nice little pun.

That zero will have to go …

Tired of having the same conversations at work?

Another bit of fun with an office warning.

Happy Friday. 



Written By Mary Palmer


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