Greyfriars Bobby and Myths About Recruitment

Greyfriars Bobby and Myths About Recruitment

4 October 2017

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Recently, I have been enjoying the sights and sounds of our capital city in both a personal and professional capacity. Whilst I am through in Edinburgh visiting clients and candidates, I always make a point of walking past the Greyfriars Bobby statue. The faithful dog with the cheeky wee expression always has a crowd of tourists around it, waiting for their chance to take a picture or rub his nose for luck.

The Greyfriars myth has long fascinated me. The story goes that the Skye Terrier belonged to one John Gray, who worked as a night watchman for the city’s police force. When he passed away, he was buried in Greyfriars cemetery, and it was there that Bobby became famous for guarding his masters grave every day until he, too, passed away.

It’s a story that’s typical of Scottish folklore; full of loyalty, sadness and maybe just a little tweak of the truth. Whether it’s a fact or a myth, I do find the story endearing. More to the point, it got me thinking about some of the myths that the recruitment industry is often subject to.

Contrary to what you may have heard, we don’t spend our days re-enacting the office party scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, nor will our offices disappear overnight once you’ve registered with us.

So, in the spirit of debunking myths, here are some you may have heard about working with recruiters.

MYTH: Recruiters will send your CV anywhere.

TRUTH: As a recruiter, I will get to know you, your personality, how you like to work and your career aspirations. This way, I can best match you up with an employer and working environment to suit your needs. I never send CVs out at random, or without consulting my candidates first. Whilst we love it when we successfully place a candidate, we won’t put you forward for anything just for the sake of it.

MYTH: Recruiters will take a huge chunk of your salary.

TRUTH: The service that HR Consultancy provides to its candidates is completely free at every stage of your job search; from coming to register with us to successfully finding a placement. Your salary will never be affected by the work that we do.

MYTH: Recruiters are only for the unemployed or job seekers.

TRUTH: Whilst we do spend a lot of our time helping people who are actively seeking work, we also keep our candidates in mind for future placements that may be suitable for them. We also keep in touch via mailers or by inviting you to events we may be hosting. We’re a service that is open to anyone, all year round – even if you simply need some career advice.

MYTH: Recruitment agencies are not to be trusted.

TRUTH: We’ve heard the stories about agencies who have acted unprofessionally and taken advantage of genuine candidates. It upsets us as it does our industry reputation no good. We have been operating as a recruitment firm since 1995 and have well-established relationships with market leading firms in industries such as HR, Insurance, Professional Services, Financial Services and Manufacturing and Engineering. We’ve even got employees who’ve been with us for well over a decade.

If you would like to speak to me about HR opportunities within Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, I would be delighted to take some time to talk to you. Click here to see my details and get in touch. 



Written By Evelyn Costello


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