Unusual and Clever Job Ads

Unusual and Clever Job Ads

13 October 2017

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Ah, the internet. Home to all sorts of weird and wonderful. Especially when you are on the job hunt – you are definitely bound to come across one or two – um – unusual job specs during your search. From naked cleaners to time travelers, we’ve just about seen it all.

So, to cheer up your Friday, we’ve put together a collection of some of the most unusual (and clever) job ads we could find.

Would you apply for any of these?

You’ll have to solve the equation to get the phone number.

A quirky ad that directly appeals to its target market.

Can you decipher drunk speak?

One for beleaguered parents on the school run.

A really clever ad from Google Labs.

This place really want you to know your stuff …

One for helping employers to be age friendly.





Written By Mary Palmer


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