Why Become A Legal Cashier?

Why Become A Legal Cashier?

16 October 2017

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Glasgow and Edinburgh are experiencing something of a boom in their legal market. Many firms are expanding; opening new offices or acquiring other practices. There are also plenty of start ups who are keen to make their mark on the industry. This is a great time to be involved in the legal profession, at all stages of your career and in many different disciplines.

For me, it’s a particularly exciting time for those in the legal cashier profession. It’s not a career path that is regularly spoken about or glamourised, but a good legal cashier (or legal book keeper or client account cashier) is at the very heart of a successful legal firm.

A truly excellent legal cashier can be a fundamental part of a legal firm. Focused, honest and responsible, it’s the type of role that requires a hard-working and talented individual. Certainly, there can be challenges and stresses, but more often than not, it’s an incredibly rewarding role.

Legal cashiers can often be seen as the beating heart of a business; keeping everything ticking over nicely with a cool head. They can either be found working for barristers, chambers and courts or within a commercial firm or the public sector. It’s a job that requires a real attention to detail and a good eye for numbers – even small errors can be critical.

I often help candidates find their ideal legal cashier role, marrying them up with a business that is a good culture-fit and in need of their expertise. It’s a position that requires many specific attributes in order to be successful. For example, being incredibly organised, able to work to deadlines and possessing excellent IT skills are crucial. Keeping your Microsoft Office skills refreshed is key to getting ahead in the industry. Legal Cashiers should also be proficient with the Law Society of Scotland Accounts Rules.

Within a typical working week, a legal cashier could be responsible for anything from house sales to large legal bills. You will be working towards billing clients, paying invoices, banking and producing financial reports. There are many varied elements to the job, which keeps it interesting as, more often than not, no two days will be the same.

Currently, there are no entry qualifications required to pursue a legal cashier career. You can follow a number of paths, such as starting as an office junior and taking on more responsibilities or taking a legal cashier course through various educational facilities. You can also come to the job from a book-keeping position or with other similar financial backgrounds.

It's a career that’s open to progression, too, as many legal cashiers go on to pursue further training that eventually results in the job title of legal accountant. This can often be dependent on the size of firm you work in, however, if you are seeking progression opportunities within this area it is important to speak up and evaluate your options as there is a real shortage of suitable candidates in this area so it is likely that there will be development opportunities available.

If you would like to speak to me about pursuing a legal cashier role or would like some advice around your progression options, I’d be happy to have a chat with you. Click here to see my details and get in touch.


Written By Eilidh Black


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