Recruiting for Attitude in the Edinburgh Markets

Recruiting for Attitude in the Edinburgh Markets

23 October 2017

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In the past, it was almost impossible to get a ‘foot in the door’ at the bigger banking and financial firms in Edinburgh without matching their job descriptions point by point. However, now a lot of firms are recognising the value of a candidate’s attitude and willingness to learn. This is particularly crucial for times when there are skills shortages in the market.

The fact that companies are now willing to cast their net a little further means keen and passionate candidates will get an opportunity that wouldn’t previously have been afforded to them. This is a marked difference to the Glasgow market, where relevant experience is still king. Certainly, a basic skills standard has to be met, but passion and personal values that are in keeping with that of the company in question can really impress a hiring manager.

For example, a candidate coming from a non-client services role and hoping to break in to the financial services industry might not have all the specific skills that are required for a role. But if you are personable, present yourself well and demonstrate you are keen to really take the business forward at interview, this is where soft skills can improve your chances. Especially if the role is customer facing – exceptional personal communication would be an absolute must.

What’s more, companies are now changing their interview process to be reflective of this change of heart. They are focusing more on personality, attitude, values and how easily a candidate can pick up systems. In turn, this changes the thorough and relevant way we prepare each of our candidates. We encourage them to think of their transferable skills. We are able to help candidates identify the appropriate experience that they have gained and apply it to the interview process at hand.

What companies are realising is that candidates from non-financial services backgrounds – such as retail or hospitality – are as much equipped to meet targets and keep calm under pressure as those with the relevant experience. The bottom line is this – you can’t teach a positive attitude, but you can upgrade someone’s skills set.

This flexible attitude to experience is also benefiting businesses in terms of diversity. By not discounting a candidate based on their background, finance companies and contact centres have truly widened the pool of talent they are now home too. And, as we have said in our HRC blog, diversity is at the heart of every successful business as each candidate brings a different perspective and value to the company.

It’s an exciting time in the Edinburgh market, particularly owing to this significant shift in approach to recruitment. Candidates who demonstrate their positive attitude and willingness to learn are now excelling in job interviews that they would have previously never been considered for.

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Written By Cheryl Stobo


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