The Apprentice Week Six Review: Bruges

The Apprentice Week Six Review: Bruges

9 November 2017

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Photo Credit: Jim Marks / BBC 

Last week, Lord Sugar’s potential business partners all had a real problem navigating their way around London. So, it wouldn’t be too big a leap to suggest they would have an even bigger issue trying to guide tourists around the Belgian city of Bruges. Yet, that was exactly what they had to do. Onboard a giant cruise liner, the candidates were tasked with organising an interesting tour and selling it to the passengers. Given that they had a captive audience, this really shouldn’t have been too hard …

Thankfully, Lord Sugar decided to mix up the teams a bit more. The boys were clearly grateful for this, having lost every task so far. Elizabeth decided she was the one who would lead Team Graphene, whilst Sarah Jayne put herself forward to lead Team Vitality, having received negative feedback from Karren Brady in the boardroom last week.

Neither team seemed particularly enthused about the task, with several candidates on both sides complaining that they “didn’t know Bruges”. This was a redundant issue, given they were equipped with maps and a booklet that highlighted the main tourist attractions. Elizabeth led her team like a military operation, assigning tasks with no room for debate. Sarah Jayne proved a little weaker, milling over decisions for too long and asking Anisa (who has barely spoken up until this point) to lead the guided tour.

To me, the most obvious solution was to organise a craft food tour, focusing on Belgium’s famous exports: beer and chocolate. Rather, both teams were obsessed with the idea of segways – as if the poor tourists weren’t going to suffer enough for their £85 tours.

Sarah Jayne’s tour guides arguably had the biggest disaster, with Charles, Andrew and Anisa leading a disgruntled group of cruise passengers in a circle for three hours. Despite promising to take their group to the historic St John’s Hospital, the candidates managed to walk around it at least four times, scratching their heads and frantically consulting their maps.

It wasn’t entirely smooth on Elizabeth’s team either, as she stomped around, rushing everyone from one stop to the next whilst asking a group of fully grown adults if they had all been to the toilet. She sounded like an angry headmistress in charge of unruly students.

Once they had succeeded in ruining everyone’s day, the candidates were then tasked with selling souvenirs back on board. Sarah Jayne made a huge mistake, opting to sell cheap and clunky keyrings whilst Elizabeth’s sub-team opted to sell canvas bags and make up pouches, which went down a storm with the glammed up female passengers.

Back in the boardroom, it was a genuine surprise to find out that more passengers hadn’t asked for refunds from their terrible tour guides. It was Team Graphene who emerged victorious and Sarah Jayne was left desperately explaining that she was the “definition of a girl boss.” Whatever that means. She took hapless Charles and cocky Andrew back in with her but, ultimately, she fell on her own sword, making her the first female candidate to be fired from this year’s process.

It's the much-anticipated advertising task next week … No doubt Harrison thinks he’s the next Don Draper.

The Apprentice is on BBC1 on Wednesdays at 9pm.




Written By Mary Palmer


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