Swapping London for Glasgow

Swapping London for Glasgow

15 November 2017

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Imagine forking out £1,800 a month on a basement studio flat. And that’s just the rent. We’re referring to (what’s known ‘up North’) as “London prices”. Whilst we grumble about our travel, utilities and nights out expenses, it’s probably nowhere near what we’d have to pay if we lived in the UK capital. Not to mention, there are more people living in London than there is in the whole of Scotland. We might think our trains are cramped, but we can’t even imagine what rush hour looks like in the city.

So, it shouldn’t be surprising to know that many “bright, young things” in their 20s and 30s are rejecting the promise of cosmopolitan city living in the capital and are looking to expand their careers elsewhere. For years, it seemed that – if you wanted to ‘make it’ in certain fields such as banking or journalism – you had to flee your parochial homestead and live a life of low wages and long queues in London.

However, with many international companies and exciting new start ups establishing themselves across Scotland and regenerated areas in the North of England, there are plenty of opportunities available in cities across the UK. The wage structure and career paths on offer have also dramatically improved in order to lure talent away from London.

Kimberley Shearer has recently undertaken such as move. She said: “I've just negotiated flexible working with a large FTSE company in The City, and now do one week in London in the office and then one week back in Scotland/Lake District from my home office and I love it. This is in order to save money for my first property and also to escape the full on rat race – I’ve been doing it for four years.”

A lot of those who are making the move away from London are also doing so because of the typically long working hours undertaken by those in the city. ‘Burnout’ is enough to make anyone want to swap the Shard for the Finnieston Crane. Plenty of companies across Scotland offer flexible working options – which could be particularly useful for working parents – or stick to the traditional 9 to 5; leaving your weekends and evenings completely free.

It’s perfectly possible to rent a one bed flat in Glasgow’s trendy west end for less than £600 a month, with a monthly tube pass setting you back just £50 (compare this to £132 on an Oyster card for the month). Our city centre is attracting a number of well-established giants of industry, as well as meaningful start-ups, such as Social Bite.

You won’t have to miss out on the numerous cultural events that London has to offer, if you make the swap. Glasgow has a handful of lively theatres; an art-deco independent cinema; a Pride parade; music, theatre and film festivals and a host of historical sites and museums. And, if Brad Pitt, Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch’s latest visits have anything to go by, we’re also home to a burgeoning film industry.

Glasgow has truly worked to build upon its financial district, food and drink manufacturing and creative industries. There are many advantages to working in the city, not least because of its strong, historical ties across a number of sectors including journalism, finance, brewing and distilling; markets which continue to thrive to this day, which ties in with the number of highly skilled workers living in the city.

There’s also a great amount of cycle routes, if you prefer to commute on two wheels – meaning you can pick up on any offers of Cycle To Work schemes, should your company offer them. Plus, our taxis definitely do go “south of the river” and won’t cost you another mortgage to hop in.

Kiren Sarwar, a Sales Development Representative, said: “I am one of those people who was offered quite a few roles in London but opted for Glasgow because rent was really high in London plus the travel times every day would be insane.

“I moved from Huddersfield to Glasgow and would say I am happy with my decision as I don’t be stuck in traffic all the time. Also, I have saved up and am looking at properties now in Glasgow just after having lived here for a year.”

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Written By Hilary Roberts


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