Creating Compelling Candidate Attraction Strategies

Creating Compelling Candidate Attraction Strategies

Whilst most clients understand the need for marketing and sales strategies that generate revenue, many employers seem to neglect such techniques when creating a candidate attraction strategy for their companies.

HRC Recruitment considers recruitment to be a two way process, employers must sell the vacancy to prospective employees in the same way companies expect candidates to sell them their skills and achievements when applying for positions. With ever increasing levels of information online, individuals are constantly getting more mobile and savvy in the job market.

Candidates have more choices and improved access to the best jobs on the market through multiple job boards and ever improving company websites. The average span an employee spends working for any one employer is now less than two years in the UK and it is therefore paramount to attract and retain the best staff when recruiting.

Firstly, as an employer you should look at improving employee satisfaction (which is another article in itself)

Secondly, you should make sure that you are doing a better job than your competition at marketing and selling your company and vacancies. The information below should give you ideas on how you can you improve your candidate attraction strategy in order to engage with the best talent available in the market?

1.    Identify the target market. You must profile the types of candidate ideal for your business and in doing so, consider what would attract them? What are they being offered by competitors in terms of earnings, wages, and personal development? It would be a good idea to ask your current employees what they enjoy about the business and articulate this in your communication with candidates. This would also involve your current workforce, making them feel part of the process.
2.    Design your message. In the same way you would tailor your message to prospective customers, you need to identify your unique selling points for your business. Once you have identified these key attractions you can effectively communicate them to potential employees.
3.    Use testimonials. Customer testimonials give your message credibility and establish the value of the service or product in the minds of consumers. In the same sense, employee testimonials add weight to the message that working for your business would enhance the quality of the working lives of prospective employees. There is nowhere to hide on-line and you should ensure that all of your staff have appropriate material regarding your business on sites such as Linked In. Pictures and videos on your website are also useful ‘selling’ tools when attracting top talent.
4.    Look at what competitors are doing. If your competitors are taking your best talent, then have a look at what they are doing to engage your staff and build on that to offer better! It may simply be that your competitors have built a better profile and have been able to promote their business more successfully than you. They may not be offering any more than you do but may be selling the benefits in a more proactive way. Keep in mind that employee benefits have a higher value/cost yield to employees than salaries. HR Consultancy spends a great deal of time looking at the benefits structures of all of our clients to ensure that we can promote the roles to our candidates.
5.    Where does your target market spend time online? Make sure that vacancies are visible on these sites and platforms, or at the very least, have a presence there in order to get your company name in front of the right people. HR Consultancy uses targeted advertising and extensive contact networks to source the best candidates for your positions.
6.    Ask for referrals. As part of the sales process, you would naturally ask for referrals when you have delivered excellent services. Recruitment is no different. When a candidate has had a great experience with your business, they are more likely to refer suitable candidates for similar roles, potentially from their own previous employer. Employee referrals are proven to generate better quality and more loyal employees and HRC Recruitment actively uses employee references when generating candidates. 

Essentially, recruitment strategies should mirror sales and marketing strategies. The outcomes may not be immediately tangible in the form of increased revenue but with the recruitment and retention of great staff, your business will thrive and grow on a long-term basis.