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Bye Bye New Business Developer…

That relative who has outstayed their welcome over Christmas that eventually goes home…

That person next to you on the train with questionable body odour who finally gets off…

The relief of finally getting rid of something, phew

For more years than I care to remember, we as insurance recruiters have been frustrated by hiring managers asking us to recruit New Business Developers for their broking teams.

It’s a role that never really worked.

New business isn’t moving much.

Retention rates are sky high.

Top executives already have books, why would they give that up to start again?

At long last, can we say goodbye to the New Business Developer role?

More and more broking firms we are speaking to realise that to attract good executive to their business they need to offer more than just a salary.

They need to have existing client portfolios, clear strategies for how they support their executives with new business, professional practice connections, lead generators, marketing teams.

This forward-thinking brokerage in Aberdeen have a book of business requiring an experienced executive to come in and manage. The book includes a wide range of SME level accounts across most business classes.

With solid connections across the accountancy and legal markets, you will benefit from being fed high quality referrals to support your plan to develop your client portfolio.

Thinking about developing your career but nervous about starting again?

Then don’t be.

I will be happy to chat through the details on this rarely available position.

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