Culture Is Key In Professional Services


Culture Is Key In Professional Services


Skills and experience are sometimes not an issue - but finding someone who can fit into a well established and settled culture can be frustrating.

If culture is disrupted within a small team then if can have a severe impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. Employers - quite rightly - do not want to upset the apple cart.    

(On the flip side, sometimes it takes time to find a culture that a candidate feels is right for them. This process can take a long time - we often work with candidates for three to six months before they find the perfect role). 

Sam Gardner works with Business Support Candidates and Professional Services firms in Edinburgh. Recently, she had this very situation. She had worked closely with the employer to gain a clear understanding of their culture and knew that it would take longer than normal to find the perfect candidate. Through the work carried about by Sam, the business appreciated this honesty and were happy to wait. 

This patience was rewarded with the right person for job. The team fit was perfect and - as an added bonus - the person had additional experience that they could utilise. 

Managing recruitment in the correct way reduced the chances of frustration. 

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