High Volume Hiring Nightmares Eased


Bottlenecks resolved through recruitment


A leading financial services brand were experiencing a serve bottleneck in workload because their existing agency could not find the right senior people for their call and contact centre. 

Gemma, who is the principal with our successful Major Accounts team, spent time with the hiring manager and of the floor of the operation. This helped in two different ways:

- She was able to understand the environment and the demands that will be placed on the successful hires. 

- The hiring manager gave a frank and honest appraisal of their expectations of the person. 

This allowed Gemma to create a realistic persona of the ideal candidate. She then used this in a proactive search of the market, mapping out the business and individuals that could meet this persona. 

Gemma was able to engage with the potential candidates in a unique manner, using the information gathered whilst she was on site to paint a clear picture of the role and the opportunity that it would provide for someone. 

Within 72 hours, six applications were submitted and two high quality financial services professionals were offered within two weeks of the campaign beginning. 

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